When organising work-related travel for their team, businesses have a strong legal duty of care towards their employees. It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure their staff are safe, comfortable and well looked after while engaged in business travel.  A well written travel policy can ensure that appropriate precautions are taken, especially when travelling to high risk destinations.

How a travel policy can help

A travel policy provides organisations with the ability to monitor and control travel expenses, which in turn can make a significant, positive impact to your bottom line.

Our team of experienced travel consultants can help you create a bespoke travel policy that suits the needs of your business. This will make planning business travel a faster, cheaper and more efficient process, as well as safeguarding the health and well-being of your team while they are travelling on your behalf.

We offer:

icon11Consultation on building travel budgets

icon12Working together to implement your travel procedures

icon13Ensuring your organisation’s Duty of Care is followed

icon11Crisis management and dealing with worst case scenarios

icon12Damage limitation procedures.

icon13Insurance and cost management advice

icon12Health and safety advice for travel in different parts of the world

Want to find out more?
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