Airline Failure Insurance

How Uniglobe Total Travel can help you.

As part of our continued commitment to our valued customers and in direct response to increasing client concerns, we are ever more conscious of the reliability & viability of the travel services and providers we use as well as the safety of our travellers.

With new airlines starting operations and older, more established airlines suffering from the loss in their core revenue, the financial landscape is changing rapidly. Over the last 3 years particularly, we have seen some major worldwide airlines cease trading, as well as some of these new start up no frills carriers that never quite take off.

Bearing in mind that in today’s world climate nothing can be taken for granted, and in order to allay the increasing fears of our clients, we have managed to secure specialist cover against Airline Failure.  This is a blanket “catch all” policy on which the premium is charged to us on an audited per issued ticket basis but we ourselves are unable to select airlines or clients to be excluded from cover.

However, Underwriters have obviously already excluded certain airlines from this cover, such as those currently in Chapter 11 or other similar local bankruptcy protection laws – a full list is available upon request. Some smaller more obscure airlines may also not be covered by the policy; however we will check and give you the option of travelling with them.

Our Airline Failure Protection will cover every passenger, either by reimbursing the cost of a ticket, or repatriating anyone stranded overseas. (Certain restrictions apply – please ask for details)

Most Travel Insurance policies DO NOT cover against airline failure.